Welcome to Boulder Detail | Auto Detailing w/ optional mobile service

Thanks for visiting Boulder Detail. We are not currently offering mobile detailing. Boulder detail is the mobile division of Boulder Auto Detail. We provide mobile auto and car detailing at your location, although it is very expensive. Call us now for an appointment in the greater Boulder area. 303.601.8482 – By appointment only.


We have been providing this service for over 30 years now. Talk about out experience! We are not going to send some young inexperienced kid to do your vehicle. We are locally operated. Keeping up with the latest technology we wax with the new FLEX buffer (so you don’t have to worry about someone using heavy equipment burning your paint or worse).

Do you need your car waxed? How can you tell? If the water lays flat on your hood after it rains this means you do. If it beads or “dances” then you are fine. Vehicles should be waxed twice a year for protection against the elements like the intense Colorado sunshine.  (Not to mention how it makes them look better than new).

MOBILE SERVICE COSTS A LOT MORE AS YOU CAN SEE IN MY PRICING.  However, you can always bring your vehicle to our shop.   Regardless: BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 303.601.8482

Pricing info? See our mobile rates here. Priced very high currently as we are not offering mobile detailing at this time.

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