Boulder Auto Detailing – Ford Expedition

by mike on February 10, 2017

Just a quick pic here of a Ford Expedition Boulder Detailing just detailed. As you can see this one turned out fantastic. Interior took extensive work with the steamer to get rid of kid’s food stains, etc. The exterior took extensive work with a clay bar as there was lots of tree sap. Customer was very happy to say the least with the finished product!

Boulder Auto Detailing

Need your car detailed in the greater Boulder area? Commitment to excellence.


In this video, Boulder Detail uses a steamer to clean under the seats! In this case, the seats were removed from a Toyota Sienna minivan. We show the level of detailing to steam the hinges beneath the seats. Not shown is steaming other parts of the car like the air vents, cup holder area, nooks and crannies, etc. Just one of the pieces of professional equipment that go into detailing! And the amount of time that is spent of every square inch of the vehicle. This minivan took 9 hours!


Just a couple of pics of some auto we just detailed. Believe it or not, the Prius took more time than the Rav4. Just because a car is small does not mean it is quicker or less time consuming to detail. The cloth seats were really bad in this case and took a lot of time with the extractor.

Anyway here are the pics 🙂

Rav4 auto detailing

Need your car detailed in the greater Boulder area? Commitment to excellence.


Pics of some recently detailed autos from Boulder Detail.

January 22, 2017

Couple of great pics here of some cars Boulder Detail just detailed in Boulder, Colorado. This Chevy truck was no simple job. There was a lot of adhesive that was left from the trim the customer removed. Was a challenge to get it off but I did. Then on the interior on the interior of […]

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Auto Detailing in Boulder Colorado – Lexus Hybrid

January 20, 2017

Looking to get your auto detailed in Boulder, Colorado? Boulder detail provides this service… This is just a quick video of a Lexus Hybrid I just finished. Takes a long time to professionally detail a car!   Need your car detailed in the greater Boulder area? Fantastic Auto Detailing. Call Mike at Boulder Detail: 720.600.6310

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Boulder Detail celebrates 5-Star reviews in 2016! What a detailing year!

December 31, 2016

I would like to thank all my clients in 2016 and the fantastic 5-Star reviews you all left. Thank you! Click on the image below to read my reviews. All the best and looking forward to detailing autos in 2017! Need your car detailed in the greater Boulder area?

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Worse ever vechicle! Boulder detail presents a great before and and after.

December 21, 2016

Wow, what can I say? This may have been the worse vehicle I ever detailed! Unfortunately, I shot the before footage after I had been working for an hour or so. If every car I detailed was like this in Boulder I would find a new profession! You get to see me clean with compressed […]

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Honda Civic headlight restoration

December 8, 2016

Couple of before and after shots of a headlight restoration in Boulder. This time of year the auto detailing slows down but that headlight restoration picks up as people want to see while they drive. Restored headlights put 3x more light on the road! Before: And the After: Need your car detailed in the greater […]

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Mercedes Auto Detail by Boulder Detail.

November 28, 2016

In this video, I correct mistakes from a questionable detail shop in Boulder. Unfortunately, the customer had to have his car detailed twice. I corrected all of the others shop’s errors and my customer left very happy as I’m one of the only detail shops in Boulder who has a 5-star rating on Google. Specifically […]

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Audi A4 detailed with Boulder Detail

November 14, 2016

Here is some before and after footage of an Audi I just detailed in Boulder Co at my Detail shop on 3rd and Pearl. Just a 5 minute walk west of the Pearl St. Mall! People are loving that they can drop their car off and get it detailed while they are work in  downtown […]

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