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So, what does Boulder Detail for an auto, SUV, or truck complete detailing?

In short:

Exterior wax… interior shampoo.

Long winded:

Microfiber hand wash and pressure wash with Simple Green® Car Wash. The engine compartment is steamed and/or pressure washed.   Wheel wells pressure washed, bug and tar removed. Tires cleaned with a specific tire cleaner. Rims cleaned with an industrial cleaner and a detail brush. Tires dressed with a silicone based dressing. Rims waxed. Clay bar treatment w/ a liquid wax (this is the first coat of wax). Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax for you exterior (Yes this is the second coat of wax). I’m using the new FLEX buffer that can not and will not burn your paint (so you don’t have to worry about someone using a rotary buffer that could burn your paint and or leave swirls). Scuff marks are removed,  chrome polished, all vinyl or plastic outside surfaces cleaned and dressed, and yes, we do windows, with Invisible Glass® Glass Cleaner including a Rain-X® treatment for the windshield, and finally a Headlight UV protective treatment (this is very important in Colorado).

Boulder detailing info

Inside the vehicle – Door jams cleaned and waxed. All surfaces cleaned with Simple Green® Cleaner. Surfaces like the dash and doors dressed including a leather treatment (if you have any). Air vents cleaned with compressed air and steam. Nook and cranny high powered vacuum. (Car is vacuumed after using compressed air to loosen dirt and reach areas a vacuum could never reach). Interior carpet and upholstery shampoo w/ steam and a carpet extractor including an Oxy Deep Stain Remover (and yes we get under the seats and mats). Mats are pressure washed or extracted. The headliner is spot cleaned and/ or steamed/shampooed Trunk shampoo and vacuum. Inside windows cleaned with Invisible Glass® Glass cleaner, and on and on… we spend an average of 5 to 7 hours per car and 6 to 9 for SUV’s. Sometimes more depending on your vehicle. We don’t take short cuts.

Call now:  | 303.601.8482 | 250 Pearl St.  Boulder, CO 80302

By appointment only and I only accept one vehicle a day.

Did you know vehicles should be waxed by hand twice a year? (Sorry but that spray on stuff at the car wash does not cut it. Elbow grease is what cuts the mustard, so to speak).

Mobile auto detailing service is available for an additional fee where possible. Sometimes people ask me if they will get as good as a job via mobile service as opposed to bringing it to my shop. Absolutely, positively yes! But, you are going to pay $75 more for the convenience.

Anyway, here is a short video Boulder detail fixing a bad detail job from a different shop in the Boulder area.

Please check out my detailing blog for my latest Boulder detailing posts. Tons of great before and after videos there!


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